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:: Thursday, April 08, 2004 ::

Moved to LJ sick of Viruses

:: caroline 12:09 p.m. [+] ::

:: caroline 11:57 a.m. [+] ::
:: Wednesday, April 07, 2004 ::
I WON!!! go me!
:: caroline 11:14 a.m. [+] ::
:: Tuesday, April 06, 2004 ::
Anyone else interested?
:: caroline 5:00 p.m. [+] ::
I've had a fairly boring, non-interesting day. Went to ITM 200 took a test, had lunch/dinner in the lounge, wrote a paper the usual.

found IB's and Carol's LJS. looking fwd to tiffers bday thats pretty well it
:: caroline 4:30 p.m. [+] ::
:: Monday, April 05, 2004 ::

I woke up, there was light coming into the basement, and I heard movement. I looked around, discovered my alarm clock and it said that it was 8 PM. Damn I thought, I set the clock wrong. I jump out of bed, get changed. in the process of getting changed my sister yelled down seeing if I was still there. My mom ended up driving me to school cuz she had to go down town anyways. I ended up being only an hour late(8 am start time, got there at 9). the class ended and hour and a half early so that means I was only in class for about half an hour. *shrug*

the other thing I did today was go to Quizno's for lunch. Prices are about the same as subway, once you get the 10% student discount. had a meatball sub. It was good! Very sleepy. Need sleep... grr
:: caroline 2:10 p.m. [+] ::
The Caffeine Machine

Wow I want one!
:: caroline 11:41 a.m. [+] ::
I had a fairly pleasent afternoon/evening with mike and steph. I went and picked em up at Mike's campus. We went bowling, I'm not sure if steph can do anything other then giggle. she spent most of the night giggling.

after bowling, mike, as usual was guess what... hungry so we stopped at the subway on the way home and I tried calling home to see if they needed anything. Mike was asking me if I was going to come in. so half paying attention I get out of the car, lock the door, and lock it. guess where the fucking keys were. thats right in the ignition.

I ran over to the dominion where there were lots of cabs I hopped into a cab went home, got my moms keys, got dropped back off at dominion, and $10 later I had my moms keys, my keys, and the car started headed home.

2 boxes of kraft dinner later, a couple of "funny shows" later they left. now all I need is this damn paper to be finished *sigh*
:: caroline 9:59 a.m. [+] ::
:: Sunday, April 04, 2004 ::
watching seaquest. It started a week early :D
:: caroline 12:37 p.m. [+] ::
well I did absolutly nothing yesterday. I need to finish this damn paper!! :@
:: caroline 12:31 p.m. [+] ::
:: Friday, April 02, 2004 ::

:: caroline 11:28 a.m. [+] ::

:: caroline 11:27 a.m. [+] ::
ThinkGeek :: PC EZ-Bake Oven
HabiCase PC


:: caroline 10:15 a.m. [+] ::
:: Thursday, April 01, 2004 ::
Well I fixed it... Does anyone else get viruses when the visit my blog? it didnt start till the werewolf showed up... got rid of him.... it should help!
:: caroline 2:43 p.m. [+] ::

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