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:: Friday, June 27, 2003 ::

My Dream Last Night:
I was a high ranking official with the military. me and grunts get sent to drop a person off at a native place close to the CNE grounds. a helocopter comesa nd picks me and the grunts up, but my mom comes too. so we drop the person off, but have trouble takeing off because there are streetcar lines everywhere. so we fly/drive low on the pavement. on our way back to my place we have to go through an upscale condo. so we fly in and the pilot hits the "mini" button which makes the copter the size of a toy with everyone but me and the pilot still inside in mini form. we walk through, but the yuppies offer us sandwiches, but they have to, Have to be covered in soy milk. we eat, then we leave, then we go shopping in like weird scifi shops.... then we leave and he drops me off at home..... weird eh?
:: caroline 4:17 p.m. [+] ::
:: Thursday, June 26, 2003 ::
done....... cant beleive that me fav char died.... dont worry i wont tell you..... it made me cry..... it was good my 2nd fav..... maybe it will move to over take 3 if i reread a few times....... well im 19 on sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah whos gonna be legal? I'm gonna be legal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D anywho.... looking fwd to all the gifts ;) anywho need to jet.....ttyl!
:: caroline 8:44 p.m. [+] ::
:: Saturday, June 21, 2003 ::
alright boys and girls i got mine at 1035 this morning and lovign it.... OMG guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
:: caroline 6:47 p.m. [+] ::
:: Friday, June 20, 2003 ::
oh oh oh guess who's not going to buttkiss sask? yes thats right me!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH
:: caroline 2:09 p.m. [+] ::
:: Thursday, June 19, 2003 ::
OMG HARRY POTTER ON SAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cant beleive someone else is going to die... it is going to break my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:: caroline 5:16 p.m. [+] ::
a few weeks ago as some... well most of you know i got a new computer. the one im writing on right now... well not right now when you are reading this but right know while im writing this peice. anyways i made a cd for myself.... it didnt work unless it was on the computer.... fine so i figured out how to do it properly and therefore have 2 almost identical cd's. the stero behind me has the working one the computer the unworking one.... i love playign cd's in sync with each other... it sounds great!!! infact its the cd that the lyrics below come from! oh and i might be dragged out to buttkiss Sask to visit cousins with my dad and non-english speaking grandma.... joy..... and to add to the pure funness of it..... we are driving..... OMG i dont know if i can survive the trip!
:: caroline 5:01 p.m. [+] ::
:: Sunday, June 15, 2003 ::
"those little red panties, they past the test"..... "Chickty, china the chinese chicken you have a drum stick and your brain stops ticken..." ......."desprete for changing starving for truth closer to where i started chasing after you".... "I fell in love with the girl at the rock show".... "Everything you know is wrong just forget the words and sing along" and "i was driving on the freeway in the fast lane with a rabid wolverine in my underwear"... OK guys i will stop with lyric out takes! holy shit 4 years flies! and i have another greenie moment, i should have been studying for finite but made cookies instead :D
:: caroline 6:03 p.m. [+] ::
:: Saturday, June 14, 2003 ::
Watching SImpsons right now, the Bart playing football one... has anyone noticed that Rod's jersey # is 66 and Tod's is 6?.... 666... LOL hahah.... yeah i know my life is sad, it revolves around tv and gaming, so just leave me alone!
:: caroline 4:51 p.m. [+] ::
:: Thursday, June 12, 2003 ::
Alright boys and girls, has anyone noticed that TV these days sucks??? i "felt sick" this morning, *cough cough* ;D so i watched reruns, Highlander the Raven, Forever Knight then Due South. i am so sick of shit assed "reality tv" IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!.... if i wanted to watch people making themselves look idiots i would spend more time with my peers in high school.... honestly!!!! well thats my rant for now... ttyl :D
:: caroline 6:47 p.m. [+] ::
:: Friday, June 06, 2003 ::
well my tastes have changed, i think i acctually like mountain dew, how werid :D and mushrooms, they are ok too. but only on pizza, firssbee is kind of fun when you are using it like a foot ball. school sucks and so do ISUs!!
:: caroline 7:17 p.m. [+] ::
:: Tuesday, June 03, 2003 ::
damned life everytime i try hard i fail miserably, when i dont try i do well the universe is fucked!
:: caroline 8:31 p.m. [+] ::
:: Sunday, June 01, 2003 ::
Mike's party was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but it took me not only the bucket @newman's but a half hour at home to get clean again! its that time again when im gonna get all yous to edit my ISUs 4 me!! :D i luv ya all!
:: caroline 9:00 p.m. [+] ::

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